We're Changing Utah's Approach to Homelessness


Challenging Public Perception

Utah's homeless are fathers, daughters, veterans, and members of our community. Many have faced circumstances beyond their control — all are deserving of our empathy and support.


Inspiring Action

We're building a platform for our community to uplift fellow Utahns. Through volunteering and donations, you can offer immediate relief and long-term stability to those in need.


Advocating for Progress

We’re highlighting efforts to address homelessness at a systemic level, empowering you to hold our leaders accountable and continue to drive real change.


Building a Compassionate Community

Project Human Dignity is about actionable compassion. Every effort contributes to a future where everyone is treated with dignity, kindness, and respect.

Join Our Community of Impact Partners

Opportunities for direct action in our community.

Updates on our state's efforts to solve homelessness.

Alerts on initiatives and organizations to support.

Key Statistics: Homelessness in Utah


out of every 10,000 Utahns is homeless — below the national average.


people sought homeless services in 2023.


of homeless families are experiencing homelessness for the first time.


increase (nearly double) in chronic homelessness since 2019, with a 27% increase occurring in the past year.

Ogden, Utah

Get Involved

Direct action, donations, education, and advocacy all make a significant difference for those in need.

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Become an Impact Partner

Your contribution goes directly into strategic investments across the state, ensuring that every dollar has a profound impact on the lives of those in need.

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Serve Those in Need

Through Project Human Dignity, you’ll discover opportunities to make a direct impact in your community. Here are a number of amazing organizations to get you started:

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Spread the Word

Your voice is a powerful tool. Use the hashtag #ProjectHumanDignity to connect with a community of advocates, share stories, and highlight the impactful work being done across the state.


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Ogden, Utah

Any Questions?

We're working to solve homelessness by encouraging compassion and spurring action.

What is Project Human Dignity?

Who is behind Project Human Dignity?

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What is the current state of homelessness in Utah? 

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Together, we can end the plight of homelessness in Utah. If you'd like to get involved or partner with us, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

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